The Importance of Bitcoin and the Crypto Economy

A video replay of why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are important and likely here to stay. Watch and learn what past technologies and evolutions of the internet can teach us about the Crypto revolution.


Bitcoin + Banking Crisis

In 2023, traditional financial markets picked up right where the Crypto Crash left off. The past few years have seen a reintroduction of systemic risks. No market has gone unscathed, and each has spent its time on the front page.



Crypto Winter 2022

Year-to-date, a daisy-chain of leverage has unwound across the crypto ecosystem creating a liquidity crunch that sent fears throughout both crypto and traditional financial systems. This event was not too dissimilar from the banking crisis in 2008, leaving no coin unscathed, not even Bitcoin.



Learn More About Bitcoin and Crypto

Crypto, like the internet, is going to change the way we live and how we do business. So, it’s more than just owning crypto. We truly believe you should do your best to understand crypto and how it will affect your life, your business, and your family over the next 10 years. READ MORE.


Inflation, CPI, and the Rising Cost of Goods and Services

To beat inflation, you need to make different choices at home, diversify across different asset classes and hold less cash than you might during non-inflationary times. At the end of the day, regardless of how much you worry or fret, that’s about all you can do. READ MORE.


Bitcoin is a Swiss Army Knife

For the first time in history, individuals have a monetary technology that isn’t just one thing, but is many. Bitcoin is a unit of account that offers more than just a spot price for transactions to happen. It is the 21st Century’s Swiss Army knife. READ MORE.


What is DeFi?

For starters, DeFi, stands for Decentralized Finance. Basically, this means everything associated with a bank, plus innovation, minus the middlemen and many of the fees.

DeFi is applications, smart contracts, and code that runs on top of the Ethereum network. READ MORE.